Music Matters
Music Matters is bits and pieces relating to my musical tastes (hey, wow, no-one thought of that on the Web before . . .)

Some of the musical areas are big, some are not so big. The biggest of all are:

ABBA aficionados are well-catered for with a guide to the band's work on CD (now somewhat out of date but still useful), lots of info and pics from the musicals Mamma Mia! and Chess, and other pieces of trivia. Kirsty MacColl Galore aims to be a key online resource (cliche #267) on the grossly-underated and sadly missed Ms MacColl.
Wham!@Gusworld provides a semi-comprehensive look at the creators of the immortal words "I'm big enough to break down the door", including a CD guide and some other useful online locations. Duran Duran have at last been given their own presence on Gusworld, collecting together photos, the infamous drinking game, single reviews, downloads and other bits and pieces.
Koo De Tah. You may not remember them, but you should remember their hit 'Too Young For Promises'. Get the rest of the scoop at the world's only Koo De Tah site. Viva Whatever: The Spice Girls Rare Music Page is one of those inevitable Gusworld projects, featuring info on Spice Girls B-sides, rare live covers and other musical miscellania.
Savage Garden Track-By-Track is pretty much what it says, with a guide to the many and varied mixes, live versions, alternate releases and so forth from the Brisbane-based pop duo. Not spectacularly up-to-date, however. Gusworld Records is where I get to pretend I have enough money to run my own record label and can reissue all the stuff on CD that is needed to make my collection complete.
And, of course, let's not forget the almost-weekly blast from the past/forecast from the future that is Single Of The Week. Also recently added is the brief but tasty Gusworld MP3 Directory, and the brief but less tasty Michael Jackson Jokes Directory. Future music-related plans include a screed of stuff on Nik Kershaw, the long, long-awaited Takeaways tribute and other stuff which is too ephemeral to actually mention right now.

As well as these mega-outbreaks of actual information, there are also musical references and opinions scattered throughout the History Of Rant archives and the blog. Because I can't bear the thought that you might miss these, I've wasted an inordinate amount of time listing them right here, in reverse chronological order:

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