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Last updated: 24/09/05
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They Don't Know: The Complete Tracey Ullman

Respectable: The Complete Mel & Kim




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OK, I can't emphasise this enough: Gusworld Records is not a real record label, and none of the discs I discuss on this page are available commercially. However, if I did have the skills and money to run my own reissues label, then these are the records that I would like to see released. (Of course, if anyone who does own the rights to these recordings wants to use me as a compilation producer, I'd be more than happy to do so.)

As you'd expect around here, there's a bias towards (a) pop stars from the 1980s and (b) compilations that include absolutely everything someone has recorded, including hard-to-find B-sides and impossibly rare Swedish remixes. Since one of the general principles I follow in music collecting is trying to get everything in CD format, there's lots of stuff here that isn't, as yet, available officially on CD. I'm sticking with this policy even as fans exchange recordings on P2P networks like there's no tomorrow.

I've tried to make each imagined record as comprehensive as possible, but if you spot a mistake, please let me know. New 'releases' will be added whenever I get another idea and have time to research and package it (longtime Gusworld readers are probably not holding their breath).

Currently imagined on Gusworld Records:

  • Respectable: The Complete Mel & Kim A one disc roundup of the SAW girls who made getting fresh at the weekend a national hobby.
  • They Don't Know: The Complete Tracey Ullman Everything the singer-turned-actress ever recorded, in a handy 3-CD pack. (It was nearly a handy 2-CD pack, but those extended versions caused a few problems.)