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    Yes, this is a Koo De Tah Web site; in fact, all the available evidence suggests that it is the Koo De Tah Web site.

    Last updated 24/09/2005

    If you're not an Australian or a New Zealander, the odds are that you don't remember Koo De Tah (say it out loud, you'll soon get the pun) at all. If you are an Australian or a New Zealander, you probably only remember their sole hit, 1985's rather wonderful 'Too Young For Promises', and mentally consigned them to the 'one hit wonder' basket years ago. Was that all there was to the Koo De Tah story?

    Well, yes, almost, but not quite. During their career, they did manage five singles and an album, and both band members have since had solid if not spectacular careers. I'll mention their pre- and post-band activities below, but the main aim is to provide an overview of the band's career during its brief heyday.

    All releases on Mercury (through Polygram).

  • Too Young For Promises/Dancing (Towards The Stranger) (1985)
    12" featured Extended Mix of TYFP and Dance Mix of DTTS. Still a classic number.
  • Body Talk/My Eyes Are Shut (1985)
    12" featured Body Mix of BT. This song got its debut at the end of a 1985 Countdown (the prime slot), but failed to make much chart impression.
  • Think Of Me/Love 'Em Never (1986)
    12" featured an unnamed extended mix of TOM. The comeback single (remixed from the album version) that didn't quite come back.
  • Missed You All Along/Change My Ways (1987)
    The first KDT single not to have a non-album B-side. The track was remixed for single release, while the 12" features an unnamed extended version.
  • Too Young (To Know)/?? (1988)
    Credited to 'Koo De Tah with Tina Cross', and the only single listed here not featured on the album. I know nothing else about this record (and have never seen a copy for sale), but it sounds suspiciously like a remake of the band's biggest hit. Aimed at overseas buyers, perhaps? (The original 'Too Young For Promises' certainly received a US release, though.)

    Koo De Tah's sole self-titled album was released in 1986. For many years I assumed this wasn't available on CD, but in fact it was issued in that format, with the catalogue number CD 830 267-2. Needless to say, it is long out of print. Nor does it feature any bonus tracks or remixes; in fact, its sleeve information is somewhat more scant than the LP (a common problem with early issue CDs).

    Tina and Leon
    Tina and Leon as pictured on the inside album sleeve

  • Too Young For Promises
  • Think Of Me
  • Missed You All Along
  • Over To You
  • Body Talk

  • Change My Ways
  • Meant To Be
  • Fun Girl
  • Drift Away (Don't Let It)
  • Into The Future

    All songs written by Leon Berger. Produced by Leon Berger and Doug Henderson. Recorded and mastered at Studio 301, Sydney. Remixed at Arco Studios, Munich.

    Tina Cross 1 Tina Cross 2
    Two recent pics of Tina Cross

    I have gleaned information largely from Koo De Tah's records themselves. However, various Web searches, the third edition of Chris Spencer & Zbig Nowara's Who's Who Of Australian Rock (Five Mile Press: 1993) (especially for the musician references) and my own (sometimes dodgy) memory have also played a part. Suggestions, corrections and so on are welcome at the contact link below.

    Koo De Tah

  • At a glance
    Tina Cross

    Leon Berger
    keyboards, songwriting, production

    Peter Radnai drums
    John Bettison guitar, violin
    Capree Morris keyboards
    Roger Faynes bass
    Doug Henderson coproducer, manager

    The band
    The band as pictured on the inside album sleeve

    Koo De Tah links
    These are very few and far between (or I wouldn't be doing this page, now would I?), and most of the ones I originally located have disappeared into the Web ether since this page was first created. Suggestions for other links are welcome, of course.

    Tina sang the theme to to the NZ soap Shortland Street
    A record collections which includes Koo De Tah records can be found here, and DJ Rhythms has an entry here

    Where are they now?
    Tina Cross has, as the many links above indicate, continued to pursue a singing career, largely on stage, in her native New Zealand. Singing the theme to Shortland Street (the Neighbours of NZ) is probably her greatest claim to solo fame, along with her Rocky Horror performances and numerous cabaret appearances.

    Leon Berger had recorded a number of solo albums and performed with a self-titled band prior to Koo De Tah, but since the band split he appears to have concentrated on writing and production work. His best-known achievement is still probably Melissa Tkautz's Fresh LP (1992) (to which guitarist Bettison also contributed), which produced the hits 'Read My Lips', 'Sexy Is The Word' and 'Skin To Skin' during the E-Street star's chart vogue, and on which her contribution appeared to start and end at the vocals.

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