Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 02/05/97

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By George, he's got it

Since the regrettable demise of Culture Club, Boy George has been much more famous for his court appearances than his music. In part, I can understand this; since the latter part of the 80s, he's largely been working in a hardcore dance vein, founding his own label, More Protetin, and to some extent forsaking the pop scene. His last major hit, 1994's 'The Crying Game', showed that he could still cut it in a pop sense if he wanted to, but it just seems that he doesn't want to, much.

But anyway, back to the courtroom. George is being sued by Kirk Brandon, the ex-lead singer of Theatre of Hate, for identifying him as a former lover in his highly amusing biography, Take It Like A Man and writing a song about the relationship on his 1995 album Cheapness And Beauty. Lord knows what Brandon's motives are in this case, but he's made a bit of a slip-up by choosing to represent himself. Faced up against ver Boy's legendary wit, he's not coming up looking too good. Sample dialogue:

GEORGE: Songs are a way of exorcising feelings.
BRANDON: You get pleasure out of writing vindictive songs.
GEORGE: Kirk, you were in a band called Theatre of Hate. You weren't called the Blushing Flowers.

I suspect George will come out the winner in this one.

Coincidentally, I was idly flicking through the TV channels the other day and I ran into the video for George's latest single, 'Love Is Leaving'. Even more surprisingly, I liked it; ethereal and sparse, it had a mild dance element, but pop was well to the forefront. The only disappointment, when I came to buy the single (pictured above), is that the video mix is actually the fourth of seven different mixes on the single.The so-called 'Radio Version', which I'm guessing is being promoted, is just dire.

Now, if George re-released the 'Radio Version II' and backed it with a couple of other (different) songs, I reckon he could have a big hit on his hands, and not just a #67 sleeper on the Australian charts. But he's now signed for distribution in Australia by dance specialists Central Station, so I'm not holding my breath.

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