Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 03/03/97

Rant Of The Day is where I get to mouth off about whatever I feel like for however long I like. Theoretically, I'll update my whinge/opinion piece every weekday; in practice, maybe not so often.

Kiss that makeup goodbye

When KISS first toured Australia in 1980, the whole make-up thing attracted major media attention. What did they look like under those disguises? everyone wondered. The band themselves even mocked this continuing obsession on the cover of their album from that year, Unmasked, which was promoted on Vita-Brits boxes everywhere. You don't see that kind of pop music/cereal cross-over very often these days, owing to the preponderance of sports stars in the whole breakfast market.

I'm digressing from my main point, though, which is to point out that when the band ditched their makeup around 1984, they turned out to look pretty much like any other rock band; long hair and leering expressions. Time, though, is a cruel and savage beast. As evidence, look no further than the recent picture of Ace Frehley (playing with a Mac PowerBook, no less), below. He's looking very . . . well . . . worn. I mean, I wouldn't mind his job and all, but you can see why he needs makeup now.

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