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Unlike, apparently, most of the P2P-lovin' public, Gusworld doesn't hold much truck with the trading of illicit MP3s. This may well have something to do with bitterness over the considerable amount of cash that I've poured into buying vinyl and CDs over the years. Why should everyone else get off scot-free? Plus, the sound quality is just not as good as CD (at least with the sampling rates most people use).

However, I'm all for artists who sanction the use of MP3s to distribute their own recordings. At least that way it's their choice. This page lists some of my recommendations, with the usual early 80s pop bias. Links are directly to the hosting sites. Enjoy. Many of these files will probably only be available for a short while (every time I update this page, I tend to delete as many people as I add), so I'd advise grabbing 'em now if they appeal.

Last updated 24/09/2005
(some additions, lots of deletions!)

Listed in no particular order, although newer stuff tends to be first.

Deborah Conway
A series of taster tracks from Deborah's album Summertown (the first to give equal billing to longtime partner Willy Zygier) can be had from the official site (which track you get varies over time).

Sydney producers Trash4Ca$h offer a number of voice+techno remixes from their site, including Sydney talkback radio host Ray Hadley reaming out his news director and Naomi Robson swearing like a trooper. Worth having.

Marcella Detroit
The ex-Shakespears Sister singer, and a superb songwriter and guitarist to boot, has a selection of tracks on her own site. Some of the older songs on the site have now come down, but there are some newer blues numbers on offer.

Blue Angel
Before her solo success, Cyndi Lauper recorded for a number of years with Blue Angel (the track 'Maybe He'll Know' from her True Colours originated in this period, as did her cover of 'I'm Gonna Be Strong' which was revived for the 12 Deadly Cyns compilation). offers two studio outtakes from this period, Don't Know and the excellent Magazine Cover.

Kate Bush
The Kate Bush in MP3 site offers a huge swathe of pre-fame recordings by the stunningly talented and ever reclusive Ms Bush, most of which never got an official release. This is stretching the 'officialy sanctioned' rule a bit, but on the other hand this site got written up in detail in Q and hasn't yet been shut down, so Kate can't be that bothered. Plus, she's making no money from pirates selling these recordings either.

Human League
A fine selection of really early League material -- pre the hit Dare days -- can be found at the Blind Youth site. Tracks include 'Pulse Lovers', 'Looking For The Black Haired Girls', 'The Year Of The Jet Packs', 'Disco Disasters', 'Interface' and 'Dance Like A Star'. Essential if you like raw, unprocessed synthesiser rhythms, or if you're an obsessive League fan, since this stuff comes from unreleased demo tapes.

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