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Smoove B, Love Man
Smoove B, Love Man

"I will serve you on a soft, silk table-cloth that has been freshly laundered and purchased from the finest table-cloth store in all of creation. It will be the most spectacular dinner you have ever consumed.

There will also be corn served. "

"Baby, I want your brown sugar right now. Freak me on my desk right this second. Give it up to Smoove B. Take a ride on his Caravan of Love."

"Your feedback is very important. Please help me to help you."


Smoove B is a regular columnist for The Onion, "America's finest news source". His irresistible pledges of love and devotion are reputedly syndicated in more than 250 newspapers across America. The Onion of February 19 1998 congratulated Smoove B on his 1997 Pulitzer Prize For Feature Writing for his column 'I Will Make You Wet'.

According to the Onion site: "Smoove B resides in the city of Cincinnati, OH, in a 10th-floor penthouse. He is a regular guest contributor at the Cincinnati Learning Annex, where he teaches the popular six-week course, 'The Fundamentals Of Relationship Communication.' From 19982001, he wrote, produced, and starred in a semi-regular cable-access cooking show that focused on breakfast."

Smoove's works can all be accessed on the now-free-once-more Onion site, along with his personal home page. So I've stopped maintaining a list on this page; why reinvent the wheel?

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