H-Dog: The Herbert Kornfeld Tribute Page

Herbert Kornfeld
Herbert Kornfeld
Accounts Receivable Supervisor

"I got it good at Midstate Office Supply. I gots my dope Lotus software, my stoopid-fresh dry-erase markers, my fly three-ring binders wit' tha pockets inside, and my own muthafuckin' men's-room key. Plus, all them fly Marketing Department hos wanna be freakin' my jock all tha time. "

"I gots skillz, muthafuckas. Shit be COLLATED. Copier out of toner? I be all over that shit, 'cuz only I can replace tha Hewlett-Packard toner cartridge without gettin' all that inky powder shit all over tha insides. "

Tha H-Dog is the third feature from The Onion, "America's finest news source", to receive recognition on Gusworld. As Herbert himself is at pains to explain, not only is he well on top of financial matters at Midstate Office Supply, he is also regularly serviced by numerous "fly hos". Overall, he sets a worthy example for all accounts receivable supervisors to follow.

Smoove's columns can all be accessed on the now-free-once-more Onion site, along with the Midstate Office Supply home page. So I've stopped maintaining a list on this page; why reinvent the wheel?

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