Butt-Fuck Sluts Go Nuts: The Tribute Page

A group of Butt-Fuck Sluts going nuts

"My husband and I have both viewed this piece of trash, and believe me, it barely even shows bush until at least 20 minutes in--a far cry indeed from the 'Non-Stop Carnal Cum-ucopia' advertised on the box."

"There are, what, eight or nine chicks in this movie and maybe two of them take it in the ass, tops. That's utterly unacceptable."

"This cyber-sewage features naked, hot-oiled young women engaging in such acts as fellatio, cunnilingus, rimming, fisting, and frottage."

Butt-Fuck Sluts Go Nuts is a fictitious series of porn videos which features regularly in The Onion, "America's finest news source".

Latest sighting. BFSGN was obviously an inevitable inclusion in Area Man Bored With All The Porn He Owns, from the July 21 2004 news briefs. Quoth Gil Peterson: "I tried to watch Butt Fuck Sluts Go Nuts again, but it was so boring. I mean, how many times can you watch the same set of twins double-team the black guy on the back of a motorcycle?" Sadly, no volume number is specified.

Volume 41. After a long absence, BFSGN reappeared in the April 28 2004 edition. Woman Overcomes Years Of Child Abuse To Achieve Porn Stardom reveals that Katrina Foechelman appears in Volume 41 (as well as numerous other luridly-named titles).

Volume 3. Our favourite series returns in the November 5 2003 story Energy Secretary Just Assumed Cabinet Knew He Did Porn Films In The '80s. Amongst the porn flicks which energy secretary Josh Abraham is said to have appeared is (of course) Butt Fuck Sluts Go Nuts Vol. 3.

Volume 29. This tape became the source of controversy in Pleasant, NC over its lack of prurient hardcore material. To quote Pleasant school board president Edwin Thistlewaite: "I paid to see chicks getting fucked in the ass, and that's what I want. I think I speak for all decent Americans in saying so." See also the sample quotes at the left from Community Leaders Outraged Over Porn Video: "This Tape Contained No 'All-Anal Action' As Promised," Say Concerned Parents.

Volume 31. The Onion wrote of this latest addition to the series:

Porn Actress Very Nearly Appears To Enjoy Ejaculation In Face
LOS ANGELES--Detachment and boredom were very nearly concealed Monday when 1.5 ounces of semen were ejaculated into the face of adult-film star Brittany Silk, 20, on the set of Butt-Fuck Sluts Go Nuts Vol. 31, forthcoming from Mustang Entertainment. "Brittany really did a great job with that scene," director Rodney Campos said. "She practically made it look like she loved having [co-star] Rick [Steed] shoot his hot, steaming load all over her face."

Subsequently, Volume 31 also featured in the classic story Apartment-Wide Porn Sweep Precedes Date's Arrival, in which Randy Thaler conceals the porn flick behind a football video. Thaler claims that the tape was "a total joke from the guys" for his birthday.

Other porn stars likely to have appeared in this series (if it existed) include Chaisey Lain and Heather Hunter, both of whom are referenced in another Onion classic, Porn Director Fights Ratings Board For Single-X Rating. The series is also undoubtedly familiar to the actresses referenced in Nation's Porn Stars Demand To Be Fucked Harder.

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