Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 01/05/97

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Six stupid sites with Mr T references on them

OK, so I had these two groovy scans of Mr T dolls and I needed to write something about them. I consulted Spanky (who's still seeking problems, BTW), and she proposed the following:

A Mr T Story

By Spanky

Mr T got shrunk down and put into green overalls.


Cute, but not editorially filling. So here's a list of six sites with dumb Mr T references:

  1. The Mr T Utterly Untrue And You'd Better Not Believe It Online Fantasy News Campaign As if I'd refer to any site other than my own at the top of the list.
  2. Mr. T Self-Administers Enema With Garden Hose Absolutely no comment on this one.
  3. The Mr T Internet Photo Archive They may have some great pics, but they're a little too fond of capital Letters. Actually, part of this site inspired the Gusworld Mr T saga above.
  4. Mr T's Quote Of The Week With a fabulous animated GIF of the T-ster in a sombrero.
  5. Blackworld Gossip Just proof for anyone who didn't believe Mr T now has cancer, which makes everything on this page very tasteless, if you look at things in that light.
  6. Mr T. Okuda Actually not the Mr T at all, but pretty silly nonetheless. This Mr. T works for Nagoya University in the Research Center for Seismology and Volcanology, which may or may not be a better career choice than saying "Fool!" a lot.

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