A List Of Mr Men

I was appalled the other day to discover that the Web's information base doesn't extend to listing the Mr Men, the well-known children's book characters created by the (late?) Roger Hargreaves. They appear on socks and ties everywhere, but could I get a quick listing of them when I needed it? No, I couldn't. So here, for my own reference and possibly for other people's, are the Mr Men, in no particular order:

Mr Bounce * Mr Bump * Mr Busy * Mr Chatterbox * Mr Clever * Mr Clumsy * Mr Daydream * Mr Dizzy * Mr Forgetful * Mr Funny * Mr Fussy * Mr Greedy * Mr Grumpy * Mr Happy * Mr Impossible * Mr Jelly * Mr Lazy * Mr Mean * Mr Messy * Mr Mischief * Mr Muddle * Mr Noisy * Mr Nonsense * Mr Nosey * Mr Quiet * Mr Rush * Mr Silly * Mr Skinny * Mr Slow * Mr Small * Mr Sneeze * Mr Snow * Mr Strong * Mr Tall * Mr Tickle * Mr Topsy-Turvy * Mr Uppity * Mr Worry * Mr Wrong

No Little Misses listed yet, but if someone wants to supply a list, I'm willing to display it. (This is NOT rampant sexism: I just never got into the Little Misses to the same extent, they appeared when I was older. Also, a friend had a copy of a Mr Men book with the list on the back, which simplified things a bit.)

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