Cucumber Focus

 Damn, and this was a nice picture!

The Magazine For Cucumber Lovers Everywhere

Volume 1 Number 1

Welcome To Cucumber Focus

You know that feeling you get when you're surfing the Web and you think, "If I don't read something about cucumbers soon, I'm gonna scream"? Well, FORGET IT, because with Cucumber Focus, you'll always have a pickle place of your own on the Internet.

Cucumbers On The Web

 Yes, the Web . . . original, hey? For this, our premiere issue, we offer you a sampling of the limited resources devoted to our favourite strangely sexual vegetable that are already out there on the Net:

We've Run Out Of Ideas

 Very few ideas here at all
Well, it's no wonder that this magazine concept hasn't taken off. If there's something you'd like to see in Cucumber Focus, let us know and we'll send the men with the straitjackets round.

Cucumber Focus
The E-Zine With No Place To Go But Lots Of Vegetables To Have Fun With On The Way

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