No Repeated Consonant
No Repeated Consonant is the section where the bits of Gusworld that didn't fit under any other heading go*. Don't let that fool you, it actually has some of the really good bits, like the quizzes and the thesis with lots of swearwords in it, as well as lots of bandwidth-wasting crud.

REAL SERIOUS ACTUAL CONTENT: More precisely, How To Do Things With Four Letter Words, my university thesis on the subject of swearwords. And, for the pageant-appalled, Gusworld is proud to present Dumb Quotes From Pageant Life, all the evidence you ever needed that beauty pageants are a joke. This section also includes the archives of the late unlamented Good Living Cheese Watch (not that we're suggesting cheese is a serious topic.) FICTITIOUS MINDS: Where we make up things about famous people that never actually happened. Get your imagination into overdrive with Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue, The Mr T Utterly Untrue And You'd Better Not Believe It Online Fantasy News Campaign, the well-known advice column Don't Ask Bill Parts 1, 2 and 3, and Some Letters From The Pen Of Jane Austen. Remember, it's not true.
WRITE ON: Bits and pieces of miscellaneous (but still pretty darn good) writing, including the first and only issue of Cucumber Focus and The Fabulous Story Of Spazzo The Wonder Slug. ART GALLERY: If anyone can draw any old shit and call it art, we want to be first in with our cut. The Art Gallery includes A Pictorial Gallery Of Cultural Obsessions, Bad Face Day and the immortal Crap Art By People I Know, More Crap Art By People I Know and Even More Crap Art By People I Know.
QUIRKY QUIZZES: Hell, if Cosmo can run this gumpf, so can we. Find out the awful truth with the Are You A Slut? and Are You A Techno-Boffin? extravaganzas. POET'S CORNER: Everyone writes crap poetry when they are a teenager; some of us are foolish enough to continue. Venture into Poet's Corner if you dare.
LAND OF LISTS: Last but definitively first, Land Of Lists contains more lists than you'll find anywhere outside a volume called The Big Book Of Lists or any similar title. Read, learn, and organise.

(Historical note if you were wondering about the name: All the sections in Gusworld used to have names like 'Media Monitor' and 'Complaint Central', so 'No Repeated Consonant' was a quite literal description of what was left over. Eventually, I got over the alliteration thing, but the name remained. Call me lazy. Call me Trevor, see if I care.)

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