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FreeCell end screen
Ah, the contented feeling of completion

FreeCell beginning
No, this won't actually work

FreeCell beginning
This will, although it's also the name of an early Kim Wilde song (truly)

If you are familiar with FreeCell, it's probably because it got bundled with most copies of Windows 95 (and its various successors). Its big advantage over the better-known Solitaire is that, with persistence, almost every hand dealt by the game can be solved. And it is, needless to say, dangerously addictive.

The original, definitive FreeCell resource online was the FreeCell Project, where a bunch of Netizens set out to systematically test whether every one of the 32,000 games in Microsoft's version of FreeCell could be solved. The result? There's just one that can't; #11982. However, this was hosted on a university server and thus disappeared when the creator (whose name escapes me) finished their studies. After many nagging emails asking me where the hell it went to, I've updated this list of the more useful resources for FreeCell addicts available online:

FreeCell -- General Information and Index of SolutionsPage
Post-project, Michael Keller's site is the best FreeCell page available online, with a full solutions list for tricky pages, details of the FreeCell notation (originally developed for the FreeCell project), and some detailed discussions of how the game works.
A useful FreeCell portal page; most of the best links are to Michael Keller's content (above).

How to play FreeCell
A detailed guide by Sam Sloan.

Download FreeCell Wizard
A hyped-up Windows FreeCell which lets you construct your own variant hands.

Download FreeCell 1.1 for PalmPilot
According to its creators, this is ideal for use in dull meetings.

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