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One of the many levels in Muppet Race Mania.
One of the many levels in Muppet Race Mania.

The witch's bedroom in Cauldron II
The witch's bedroom in Cauldron II

Head Over Heels
The final screen from Head Over Heels, always a game worth recalling.

At Games Guides, Gusworld presents information, hints and tips on computer games which you've never heard of or haven't thought about in years. 8-bit gaming mania, here we come!

Gusworld's Muppet Race Mania Guide
Far too long in the making, this scarily comprehensive guide to the Muppets' first PlayStation game includes useful information for both players and Muppet fanatics. Plans for a similar guide for Muppets Party Cruise have now been completely ditched.

Cauldron II: The Interactive Map
Relive the experience of this 8-bit platform classic from 1986 (of course) with this comprehensive interactive map, complete with hints, download guide and more. There's 125 rooms to explore, so don't delay!

Escape The Killer Celines!
A computer game for people who aren't Celine Dion fans, developed right here at Gusworld. Download it today!

FreeCell Links Page
Many people are probably familiar with FreeCell because it comes for free (groan) with Windows 95. But have you ever wanted to know more?

Alley Cat: A CGA Classic
Once upon a time (1984 to be precise) IBM was in the business of writing computer games. Don't laugh. Alley Cat was one such game. Check it out here.

Why I Love My Gameboy
How re-released Game & Watch classics turned me into an addict.

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