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Escape The Killer Celines!

A poorly-rendered sample of the gaming pleasure that awaits you.

Celine Dion
Celine Dion: She's out there, and she's deadly.

Gusworld fans will need no reminder of my antipathy towards the singing horror that is Celine Dion. It therefore made sense when I acquired a copy of Klik and Play to develop games for this site that Celine would be the first target.

Hence Escape The Killer Celines! (or ETKC! for short), a simple game in which your aim is to avoid being hit by Celine as she flies around a theatre to an appalling backing tune. To make it more difficult, you can never stop moving or leave the theatre and a new Celine appears every 15 seconds (a scenario which is being replicated in the entertainment world as we speak). (If you're curious, I've written a detailed account of the game's development elsewhere.)

This is certainly not the new Tetris, but it may keep you amused for a moment or two, and remind you to be ever vigilant, lest Celine become even more rampant than she already is.

Download CELINE.ZIP (280K)

To speed up the download, I've zipped the necessary files, you'll need WINZIP or similar to read them. Once you've unzipped the three files into any handy temporary directory, simply run SETUP.EXE. ETKC! should work on any Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Me or XP system, but I'm not promising anything. There are no plans for a Linux port. Also, in my experience, this game is a little dodgy on cheap notebook screens.

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