Robin's Nest: A Tribute
The Robin's Nest logo
The Robin's Nest logo, as featured at the all important episode guide by Valerie Sinatra

Read an extract from Chapter 1 of the book!

Robin's Nest is one of those great neglected TV classics. Everyone remembers Man About The House, and most people rememeber George And Mildred, but practically nobody remembers Robin's Nest, even though it was the last of these three related shows to actually be on air, disappearing from our screens in March 1981.

Maybe it was because it was the only one of these show not to be made into a movie. Maybe it was the absence of Yootha Joyce. But whatever, the adventures of Robin Tripp (Richard O'Sullivan) in his new bistro with his partner Vicky (Tessa Wyatt) and disapproving father-in-law James (Tony Britton) seem to have been unduly neglected by cult TV obsessives.

The sole and notable exception is Valerie Sinatra's excellent episode guide, which offers the kind of obsessive detail on the show I love. Still want more? You can soak up detail on the even lesser known book of the series, including the somewhat hysterical blurb. Other suggestions and comments are welcome.

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