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On 02/05/99, Tia Edelman wrote:

Re: Mormon Prophet. One day you will be judged for every word you speak, especially of the evil you propagate about one of the Lord's anointed. Procrastinate not the day of your repentance, for we are, living in the last days. Remember Faith Hope and Charity to ALL of God's Children.

Gusworld replies: Religious loony, eh? I haven't even seen The Last Days Of Disco yet.

On 01/05/99, Umesh Vaswani wrote:

Hey gus wass up? Wher can I download ABBA songs and play them on MP3??

Gusworld replies: As I've said many times before, I don't point out MP3 file locations. The CDs are plenty easy to buy, and well worth the money.

On 21/04/99, Raymond Corsair wrote:


Gusworld replies: Always happy to greet a fellow fan. You'll need to drop the capital letters, though.

On 18/04/99, Deanna wrote:

Milly molly mandy series
How can I purchase these books? Please let me know as soon as possible.

Gusworld replies: As I note on the site, Dymocks certainly sell them. They're published by Penguin's Puffin imprint, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding 'em. I'm offline as I write this, so I can't recommend any particular online bookstores, but any UK or Australian one should offer them.

On 17/04/99, Jamie Peters wrote:

Hello, As the webmaster of a great female celebrity related site I would like to invite you to join the hottest new site on the Net - The Babe Files. The Babe Files is basically a directory of Internet babes, but what makes it different from all the others is the slick presentation and quality of the content on offer. Check it out at: Anyway, the point of this email is that I would like to invite your site to be listed under the Dannii Minogue links section. To get listed simply follow the 'Add Your Site' link when you visit. It will only take a couple of minutes and your site is sure to benefit from the thousands that will visit The Babe Files.

Gusworld replies: Always with the Minogue girl! I suspect anyone seeking hot shots of Dannii would be well disappointed by what we have on offer.

On 15/04/99, Frank A Muller wrote:

ABBA Gold/More ABBA Gold Australian Releases.
Gus, Your ABBA page is accurate and informative. Well done! You quite correctly state that The Australian release of ABBA Gold does not feature I Have A Dream, Super Trouper or Thank You For The Music, replacing them with I Do I Do I Do, Ring Ring and Rock Me. Curiously though, the Australian release of More ABBA Gold also contains I Do I Do I Do and Ring Ring. Sad but true! I have the vinyl version of The Singles: The First Ten Years which features I Have A Dream, and Super Trouper

Gusworld replies: I always though Polygram screwed up by not adjusting More ABBA Gold for local release -- they did press it locally, after all. It's a moot point now, though, since the album has been deleted.

On 15/04/99, John wrote:

Where have you been? Your site hasn't been updated for some time? Are you in a coma?? Has that stupid bitch from that pageant magazine finally found you??

Gusworld replies: Never fear! It would take more than mere pageantry to crush Gusworld. As I've indicated elsewhere, I was on holidays, but now, as Arnie says, I'm back.

On 14/04/99, Judy wrote:

Leader of the gang - Spice Girls
Can you tell me if this song is available on CD or album anywhere???

Gusworld replies: No, it isn't -- you'll have to settle for the video. There were rumblings at one time that it might be a B-side, but I think the combined effect of Gary Glitter scandal and Ginger leaving has put paid to that one.

On 14/04/99, Jennifer Meduri wrote:

hi I am working on a show for VH 1 that will include Frankie goes to Hollywood. I was wondering if you or any other fan you know has any memorbilia on Holly Johnson. Particularly about his book and his illness. Please write me back and tell me if you or any one else can help me.

Gusworld replies: I can hardly claim to be a Frankie expert on the basis of one picture disc, can I? Probably the most obscure item of memorabilia I have is the CD single of Kirsty MacColl's single Angel, which has a sleeve painted by Holly Johnson.

On 13/04/99, Pluggercm wrote:

gus man, just found your page, outta sight brother outta sight. you must need extra strength bounty towels to wipe all them fine woman what melt at your feet, you is the stud meister. keep up the groovy work. digging you in nashville

Gusworld replies: Don't ask me what this is about, I've no idea, but thanks for the compliments (I think).

On 11/04/99, Ohad wrote:

hi, just wanted to say that this alley cat game is the best!!!!!!!! i loved it in the past and i was real supprise and happy to find it in your site. i also have a question i hope you could help me. there is another old game i think it called gold-digger but i m not sure. in the game you need to collect diamonds and you can trough sand bags on the bed guys. if i m not wrong it was in the same year like alley-cay. well my qeustion is if you know what game i m talking about and if you know if i can find it on the net. i looked for it in many sites but couldn't find it. well , i hope you can help me. keep up with the great work you do :).

Gusworld replies: Still more Alley Cat fans! The other game sounds a lot like Dig Dug and vaguely like Boulderdash. The former is still available from Microsoft and as shareware, the latter is available on numerous emulators.

On 09/04/99, Harry wrote:

dear gus it seems all the url's on your links sight are no longer valid.

Gusworld replies: Very likely they are-- I haven't updated them in an age. Another project to add to the list.

On 08/04/99, Caroline wrote:

I saw this web site , "Free vibes" from the Disney people, and thought no one would appreciate it like you. My personal favourite is the bit where they say: "Cool things to do instead of taking drugs. 1. Making money"

Gusworld replies: But why not spend the money on drugs, we ask ourselves? Is there any other explanation for EuroDisney?

On 05/04/99, Davy wrote:

Hi Gus! I'm just doing some web browsing and I found your review of the single "Breakaway" by Big Pig. I have been very fond of the band for quite a few years. As you can image, its very hard to get a hold of any "rarities" that might have been released by the band. In any case, I'm writing to you because I'm wondering if you might be willing to part with your single. Obviously I would understand if you don't want to, but if you're willing I would appreciate it if you could get back to me. Since I live in the states payment arrangments might be a bit awkward, but I can work something out with you. I do also want to congratulate you on a very well made site. Very large, informative, and comprehensive.

Gusworld replies: If there's one thing I've learnt, it's to never sell off records. So I'm sorry, but the answer is no -- though I'll keep an eye out for any Big Pig stuff I spot (it's normally cheap) and let you know.

On 03/04/99, Adrian Cable wrote:

Hi there, I came across your Alley Cat page by accident while searching for something completely different, and ... wow! How that brought back the memories! I remember playing Alley Cat as far back as 1986 (I was working for IBM at the time), on a prototype IBM PC Convertible, IBM's first LCD-screen laptop. It was good as an I/O system stress-tester at the time, because it really did put the 4.77 MHz 8088 CPU at full usage, while doing direct screen output and speaker access at the same time. Sadly, I don't have the Convertible any more, but Alley Cat runs just as well on the overclocked 504 MHz Pentium II PC I'm using now ... Anyway, I'm seriously thinking of writing a totally revamped version of the game this summer, Alley Cat 2000, that uses OpenGL for 3D graphics and the like. While, of course, it won't be able to capture the nostalgia of the original, I should be able to make it quite fun nonetheless. What do you think?

Gusworld replies: Anything to promote Alley Cat is fine by me -- although I don't know how 3D graphics woud work in this context. Still, I'll happily link to it when it finally happens.

On 03/04/99, Aaron wrote:

I have a question: I have attached a picture of a supergrover t-shirt. I am desperately searching for this t-shirt. It looks like a Calvin Klein or Stussy shirt. Do u have any ideas or tips where i can buy/order this t-shirt? I need the shirt, to surprise my girlfriend :) SG is much cooler than any other superhero :) I have checked, but they don't sell any SuperGrover shirts any more :( Hope you can help me, thanks in advance.

Gusworld replies: Another sorry -- I haven't seen a Super Grover shirt myself in three or four years. Maybe we should start a mail campaign.

On 02/04/99, Nina wrote:

dear gus, I love ABBA and your website. My name is Nina and my favorite song of all time is Nina pretty ballerina. Are there any special remixes or extended versions of the song? I'd even like to listen to a foreign version, if they or another band ever covered it. Please forward any info attn: Nina-pretty ballerina! and I'll know it's from you. looking forward to your e-mail - gotta go practice my ballet

Gusworld replies: Unless there's something very tricky out there I don't know about, I believe the only version of 'Nina, Pretty Ballerina' in existence is the original recording. Sooner or later, someone's bound to do a housed-up cover though.

On 31/03/99, Flwrchld59 wrote:

can just anyone prophesy or is it just you cause i have some really good ones.

Gusworld replies: Only the Prophet may prophesy -- and he isn't me.

On 29/03/99, Belann wrote:

Your Spelling reeks! "Peageant",,,???Yours not mine! Pageant is the correct term. This is only one of your many bloopers found! Education is essential to articulation, especially in front of a universe of unknown souls! Enter a Fool's Paradise not well-versed in a subject or experienced therein & you'll pay the price!!! Research futher or refrain from going mainframe. A magazine quote alone does not tell the story complete. Actual participation in pageant systems is the only mode which facilitates speaking authoritatively. Hot Air blows but leaves little impact. In other words, outside of it all; life goes on, pageants too & you make little if any impact! Have A Great Day blowing away! Go back to school!! Quit being a Fool!!! Have you ever attended a pageant, participated or been part of a judging staff? If your reply is definitely of the negatory... then judge not lest ye be judged!!! We acquire knowledge which is truth only by doing or we lay claim by clamoring negatively thru inexperience to absolute ignorance, thus displaying a cranial cavity inflated by moronic helium! Studiously, research beyond another person's words before laying critical mass to a subject such as pageantry; preferably by actual interaction with the subject. There are some bad systems out there with no concern for their contestants beyond acquisition of the financial side...given! There are also some good systems thru whose portals have passed many present day Stars such as "LeAnn Rimes", Vanessa Williams, Kristian Alphonso("Days of Our Lives"), Lacey Chabert (" Party of Five & Motion Picture,"Lost in Space"). I have done my homework with the Hemisphere Pageant whose President "Maria Little" you have insulted & "Defamed" ( a possible legality in itself!) The above stars are alumni of The Hemisphere Pageant System plus only a minute few that would beg to differ with you on the validity of at least this system! Hemisphere has altered its policy for many years now for babies up to age 13.... No makeup which looks unatural & preferably none. No sequins, pearls, or jewels on dresses in Beauty for girls in these age catagories! Natural is what is sought after most of all! Pageantry can be a healthy experience if a child is treated with love & encouragement by the parents... Stage-type abusive parents are not welcomed. A child should be told "I Love You" no matter what! Do your Best, have fun & I"ll be proud! To admonish a child for not living up to a parent's ideal of what is right or wrong when it takes so much courage to get up in Front of others is unacceptable to those in Hemisphere! Maria Little constantly assists her participants to excel to make dreams of Modeling, acting etc. come true. She personally escorts them & their parents to New York Agencies, links them to casting directors... I know, my Son who is 20 now & I are in "The Sixth Sense" starring Bruce Willis, filmed in Phila., Pa., Oct. '98! Theatre Release date- tentatively, Halloween. It's a Thriller & we were thrilled to do it! We spent 12 hours filming in one day alone! All because of "Maria Little" whom despite your hideous desciption ( of which you should be more careful- Slander!) I suggest an apology & restraint Plus refraining in the future! A "fool" is one whose tongue goes faster than his ability to process intelligent thought in quality time. Refrain, abstain & a "SPELLING COURSE" could be your advantageous gain!!! I pulled straight "A's" in school in the above & "Creative Writing". Educational is a continual process. Continue on its course before you appear to ingest helium, speaking without actual experience & endangering yourself on the legal side by slandering others. No real animosity intended, Best Regards, Belann, actress, writer, judge, emcee & a pageant Mom & former director for Hemisphere. First woman publicist for "MUHAMMAD ALI'S TRAINING CAMP"!

Gusworld replies: I'd rather have the odd spelling mistake on my site than be (a) a pageant fan and (b) incapable of forming a coherent sentence, let alone a coherent argument. LeAnn Rimes! Honestly. I'd be embarrassed to sport your credentials, and I'll quit being a fool when Mr T tells me to do so.

On 28/03/99, Jason wrote:

Dear Gus Would it be possible for you to email me the lyrics to the single version of 'Wham Rap!'? You know, the one which had different lyrics to the album version? If you could I would really really appreciate it

Gusworld replies: I've been meaning to transcribe them for some time, but haven't got around to it. I will do so one day.

On 28/03/99, Dave wrote:

Please help. I need solution to game 617.

Gusworld replies: Since the FreeCell Project shut down, my Freecell mail has increased dramatically. A pity I'm not very good at it, then.

On 27/03/99, Prtybro wrote:

Wham! Make It Big

Gusworld replies: Just wanted to say I love your site.l

On 27/03/99, Hot Goblin wrote:

I was just wondering why you are called the Mormon prophet? Why not just The Prophet? Are you a Mormon (do you belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)?

Gusworld replies: The Prophet's secret may not be told, hidden in the days of old.

On 24/03/99, Cathy Jakicic wrote:

"Betrayal" was a TV movie. Does that count as direct to viideo?

Gusworld replies: Yes, because it never got to TV in Australia. I'm shamelessly regional.

On 23/03/99, David Carlson wrote:

Did you catch her at the Oscars??? My God, is any other singer allowed to sing a solo part in a song with this bitch??? She starts out singing the solo and then when he comes in, her whiney little nasal voice 'attempts' to harmonize with him. And then at the end of the song, HE'S hitting the high notes, not the little French Canadian Ferret!!! Two simple words: NO TALENT. And after the awards, I caught the Baba Wawa gushfest with her. Man, that little vampire was a scary looking kid. The youngest of 14 kids???? Her folks should have quit at thirteen. Hope you have more rants about Celine the Hack.

Gusworld replies: As long as Celine is releasing records, I suspect I'll be ranting about her.

On 16/03/99, Delirious wrote:

I really got a kick out of your page. I have added it to the "Friends and Fun Links" on my page.

Gusworld replies: Thanks. Spread the word.

On 11/03/99, Viki Reed wrote:

Do you have an email contact address for Joe Queenan, whether his representatives or him? I'm a writer and would die to drop him a line, he's one of my idols. He's certainly my biggest inspiration. I can send you some writing samples and URL's to prove that I'm not a nutjob stalker. PS: I really enjoy your site, it's very eclectic and fun and we're of the same generation.

Gusworld replies: Nutjob or no, I can't help -- I have no contact details for the venerable Mr Queenan. Sorry.

On 21/02/99, Alex Heimberg wrote:

Dear Gus, I am also a big fan of Margarita Pracatan. Please do the site! She is a musical genius. I live in New York where she lives, but is virtually unknown. I am dying to find her so that I can take her out to dinner or something.

Gusworld replies: Oops, another project I haven't done. Maybe one day . . .

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