Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 14/03/97

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It's a big watch thing

Many people remember 'Big Girls', the 1984 hit by Electric Pandas. (Trivia note: their other hits, from their sole and self-titled album, were 'Let's Gamble' and 'Missing Me'.) But most people have conveniently managed to block from their minds another 80s phenomenon from a few year's later: the giant wall wristwatch.

I can feel you squirming in your seats already, but there's no point trying to hide it. At some point around 1989, you must have known someone who had a giant watch hanging casually from their bedroom wall. Hell, I still would, given half the chance. Sure, you might not wear it, but at least you'll be able to read it from a long way away.

What I was surprised to learn (thanks to an ancient press release) was that these mega-timepieces were actually manufactured by Swatch at one point. I always associated them with Copperart, where they went flying out the door for $39.95, but apparently Swatch also had a more upmarket $150 model (two variants of which are pictured here). The press release sums up their appeal succintly:

It is fun and colourful and has been created and presented as an original decorative object . . . an object that accurately tells the time with quartz precision. Truly, BIG IS BEAUTIFUL, and never more so than with the MAXI SWATCH.

Yes indeedy.

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