Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 15/07/96

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Stuart does the squeeze

Gusworld spends a lot of time bagging the media, but sometimes the media manages to bag itself without any assistance from us. A beautiful example comes from last week's edition of Media Watch, which saw Stuart Littlemore deviating from his normal error-seeking format to interview The Daily Telegraph's editor, Col Allan. Let us quote from it without further comment:

STUART LITTLEMORE: The Telegraph was never a crusader against police corruption, was it?

COL ALLAN: No. Um, indeed, I think that, um, the Telegraph, um, was against in the first instance the setting up of the Police Royal Commission and we said so. We felt that it was a waste of money. We were wrong.

STUART LITTLEMORE: Because it's good copy or it's good social policy?


COL ALLAN: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

STUART LITTLEMORE: Well, do you say you were wrong because it's proved to be sensational news or because it's going to change the face of the police in this --


Whatever you think of Allan's stance here, it was a superb reminder that Stuart Littlemore is a very good interviewer.

We shouldn't be surprised, of course. Back when Stuart looked as he does pictured here (in an image from Bill Peach's book This Day Tonight), he did some great stuff, by all accounts. Peach quotes a great interview with the then NSW Premier Sir Robert Askin which is well worth tracking down (it's on pages 100-102). Stuart has his own book out this week, The Media And Me; look for a review here shortly.

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