Easter Crap Art By People I Know

What fresh praise can we find for the genius of Norb? Here we collect her most recent Easter-inspired works, plus a collection of 1997 work that has not previously been displayed. This is artwork to live and breathe, not merely view.

'Which Easter Egg', Norb, 1998

'The Easter Bunny', Norb, 1998

'A Baker's Dozen', Norb, 1998

'Fish: The Ones That Hate Good Friday', Norb, 1998

'Norb's Gift', Norb, 1998

'Identity', Norb, 1997

Untitled, Norb, 1997

'Y Oh Y', Norb, 1997

'Happy Days', Norb, 1997

'The End Of Blue', Norb, 1997

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