Gusworld: Crap Art In A Colourful Mood

This gallery represents a major step forward for our most prominent crap artist, Norb. While Norb's previous black-and-white studies have garnered frequent and widespread critical acclaim, this latest series of works show her boldly experimenting with the new medium of colour. Here we see a major twentieth-century artist at the height of her powers, powerfully utilising colour, form and texture to create a unique vision of the world as she sees it. Eat your heart out, Hockney! Now is the time to collect this work, before it is priced out of the market.

'The Circle Of Life' (detail), Norb, 1997

'As I Walked Out' (detail), Norb, 1997

'The Forever Changing River Of Life' (detail), Norb, 1997

'Oh No The Aliens Are Here Call Scully' (detail), Norb, 1997

'The Brain About To Explode' (detail), Norb, 1997

Look out for future works by Norb on Gusworld, once she forgives Gus for taking so long to post this batch.

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