Banging With Bubba

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Bubba is a chain-smoking, Ford-driving, sex-crazed dude. He first appeared in the Gusworld novel Eye Of The Tigress, and has since appeared in more than 100 highly unlikely sexual encounters. Now Gusworld is proud to offer classic Bubba moments in a format suitable for the PalmPilot and other compatible handheld devices. With its compact screen size and (in most cases) lack of colour, the Palm is a natural format for Bubba. There are no current plans for versions on other formats.


  • Bubba Palm Archive 1 (25 episodes)
    Simply click on the filename to download the WinZip archive

    To access these images, you'll need a Palm, of course, and a Palm image viewer; Gusworld recommends the highly compact and totally free Tiny Viewer, which you can download right here. Alternatively, FireView is more comprehensive, but also takes up more space. To access the images, simply unzip the file into your palm/add-ons directory, use the Palm Desktop installer tool to add the 25 Bubba files (in PDB format) to your HotSync list, and then perform a HotSync to upload the images. (Non-Palm owners: this is nowhere near as complicated as it sounds. Palm owners: don't complain to us if this doesn't work, it's not like we're charging for the service!)

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