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Collected Short Stories, 1987

Short Stories

The majority of Rendell's short stories received first publication in various mystery periodicals, or in other anthologies. This basic list only details their publication in collections under Rendell's own name (which is how most people will, I suspect, encounter them). I've also assembled a more detailed list covering each story's publication history.

I've assembled this information from a variety of sources, but principally the books themselves. Any corrections or additions are welcome. Publication dates are for the first UK hardback edition of each collection.

The Fallen Curtain And Other Stories
Publication date: 11 October 1976
Dedication: For John Foster White
Notes: Contains 11 stories: 'The Fallen Curtain', 'People Don't Do Such Things', 'A Bad Heart', 'You Can't Be Too Careful', 'The Double', 'The Venus Fly Trap', 'The Clinging Woman', 'The Vinegar Mother', 'The Fall Of A Coin', 'Almost Human' and 'Divided We Stand'. The title story won an Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award.

Means Of Evil And Other Stories
Publication date: 8 October 1979
Dedication: TBC
Notes: Contains five stories, all featuring Wexford: 'Means Of Evil', 'Old Wives' Tales', 'Ginger And The Kingsmarkham Chalk Circle', 'Achilles Heel' and 'When The Wedding Was Over'.

The Fever Tree And Other Stories
Publication date: 27 September 1982
Dedication: TBC
Notes: Contains 11 stories: 'The Fever Tree', 'The Dreadful Day Of Judgement', 'A Glowing Future', 'An Outside Interest', 'A Case Of Coincidence', 'Thornapple' (novella), 'May And June', 'A Needle For The Devil', 'Front Seat', 'Paintbox Place' and 'The Wrong Category'.

The New Girl Friend And Other Stories
Publication date: 24 October 1985
Dedication: To Paul Sidey
Notes: Contains 11 stories: 'The New Girl Friend', 'A Dark Blue Perfume', 'The Orchard Walls', 'Hare's House', 'Bribery And Corruption', 'The Whistler', 'The Convolvulus Clock', 'Loopy', 'Fen Hall', 'Father's Day' and 'The Green Road To Quephanda'. The title story won an Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award.

Collected Short Stories
Publication date: 1987
Dedication: None
Notes: Contains The Fallen Curtain, Means Of Evil, The Fever Tree and The New Girl Friend.

Publication date: 16 April 1987
Dedication: None
Notes: This novella was also published in a special educational edition, with an introduction by Rendell, by Longman in 1990.

The Copper Peacock And Other Stories
Publication date: 4 April 1991
Dedication: For Don
Notes: Contains nine stories: 'A Pair Of Yellow Lilies', 'Paperwork', 'Mother's Help', 'Long Live The Queen', 'Dying Happy', 'The Copper Peacock', 'Weeds', 'The Fish-Sitter' and 'An Unwanted Woman' (Wexford).

Blood Lines: Long And Short Stories
Publication date: 17 August 1995
Dedication: For Don
Notes: Contains 11 stories: 'Blood Lines' (Wexford), 'Lizzie's Lover', 'Shreds And Slivers', 'Burning End', 'The Man Who Was The God Of Love', 'The Carer', 'Expectations', 'Clothes', 'Unacceptable Levels', 'In All Honesty' and 'The Strawberry Tree' (novella).

Piranha To Scurfy And Other Stories
Publication date: 7 September 2000
Dedication: None
Notes: Contains 11 stories: 'Piranha To Scurfy' (novella), 'Computer Seance', 'Fair Exchange', 'The Wink', 'Catamount', 'Walter's Leg', 'The Professional', 'The Beach Butler', 'The Astronomical Scarf', 'High Mysterious Union' (novella) and 'Myth'. (NB: 'Myth' was not included in the US edition.)

The Thief
Publication date: 3 March 2006
Dedication: None
Notes: For more on this novella, see the dedicated page.


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