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Horror High was a not-very-successful attempt by HarperCollins to cash in on the success of Goosebumps and all those other rubbish teen horror series, and add value with a generous dose of Sweet Dreams-style aspirational teen romance. The books, which featured largely interchangeable plots in which teenage kids from Cresswell High School try not to get murdered during extra-curricular activities, did well enough for eight to be published over a seven-month period, but badly enough to be remaindered at $1.95 each a few years later. We have rescued them from this abyss, and celebrated them in the world's first Horror High Web page. But we haven't celebrated them very much, because they're not very good.

Click on the name of a book at right to learn everything you need to know, including the plot of each book, the worst dialogue, the suckiest outfit descriptions and the bits where the police act in a totally unrealistic manner, or read on for some more general information.

Not coming soon: Write your own Horror High novel!

The Horror High FAQ

Tell us more about the author, Nicholas Adams.

Stuffed if we know. He's written at least three other books, IOU, Santa Claws and Horrorscope. Detect a theme there?

Where can we get hold of the books?

Try your local remainder bookstore. If you pay more than $1.95 a book, you're being ripped off.

Where can we find more Horror High info on the Web?

There is none, actually. This is as good as it gets.

If you go onto IRC and switch to the #horrorhigh channel, there will be no-one there.

Will you be putting whole novels online?

Not bloody likely.

Why should I read one then?

Do what you like, we're not here to make your decisions for you. But why are you hanging around this page anyway?

Choose a book:

1: Mr. Popularity

2: Resolved: You're Dead

3: Heartbreaker

4: New Kid On The Block

5: Hard Rock

6: Sudden Death

7: Pep Rally

8: Final Curtain

These descriptions
contain SPOILERS!
Keep away if
you actually want
to read the books!

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