Robin's Nest: The Book
The Robin's Nest book
Classic reading late 70s style. The big question is: why is there no picture of Robin himself on the cover? Richard O'Sullivan appears on the cover of the Man About The House book from the same publishers, so it can't be unwillingness on his part. One of life's little mysteries . . .

Chapter 1: Sleeeping partners
There are no immediate plans to add more chapters, but if there's a rush of demand, you never know . . .
Read an extract from Chapter 1 of the book!

based on the Thames Television series by
Johnnie Mortimer & Brian Cooke

This novelisation by Roger Bowdler

London, Severn House, 1977
ISBN 0 7278 0290 9 (hardback)

Opening Tonight!
Robin's Nest

Cordon Bleu Cuisine

Wine and Die in Romantic Surroundings

. . . the misprint in the local newspaper was just one in a series of hilarious trials and tribulations that beset Robin and Victoria as their plans to open a Bistro in darkest Fulham neared completion. Others included a distinct lack of money, a one-armed Irish washer-upper and the opening of the Sporran Steak House next door.

But the biggest fly in the soup is James Nicholls -- the owner of the premises where Robin hopes to realise his dreams of culinary glory.

Nicholls is more than just a reluctant landlord, he is also Victoria's doting father . . . and the fact that Robin and Victoria are sharing a warm bed as well as a hot stove does not help his digestion one bit!

Currently out of print, this is a very faithful adaptation of the scripts for the first six episodes, essentially only adding a few descriptive paragraphs. These for the most part are pretty horrible, undermining the comedy and adding, at times, a nasty streak of racism. But that's the '70s for you. The book also features some of the worst analogies you'll ever read.

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