The Story So Far

Most recent chapter: 47: It's No Secret

The story began when Erica Sheen, a former Cosmopolitan beauty editor now reduced to working at Price Attack, found a goat's head and a corpse in her apartment. The goat's head turned out to be a lame PR gimmick; Erica had thought that the corpse might have been her Swedish exchange pal Flikka Laakksonen, but the presence of an Ericsson phone suggested that he had faked his own death.

After a brief fling with sleazy newsreader Rex Carter, Erica was kidnapped with her geek journo friend Patrick while trying to find Flikka on IRC. She escaped from her kidnapper, Riekelt van Slooten, who was also looking for Flikka, and who appeared to be a member of the Finnish mafia, the Slaöøüväääd, whom Flikka had been making a documentary on. Patrick didn't escape; he had later been killed by, she believed, Slaöøüväääd mercenaries.

Patrick had died clutching a copy of his manuscript, Australian Psycho, which Erica believed held the clue to this particular mystery. Her attempts at research with world-renowned Finnologist Dr Curtis Armstrong hadn't assisted her; he had led her into a virtual death-trap at a Narrabeen gym, and later been killed himself in a vicious paper-cut attack.

Retrieving Patrick's manuscript, Erica encountered Flikka's sister Mikka, who had a psychotic lesbian crush on her, and revealed that Flika's family were heavily involved with the Finnish mafia. Australian Psycho turned out to be some sort of sick fantasy about her as well (in actual fact, Patrick was writing it as a based-on-the-true-story serial novel), and everyone named in it had died.

Realising that the book was a deathtrap, Erica tried to rescue the bitch editor of Cosmopolitan, Trudee McAmore, who was named in it. Halfway to Byron, the car had been attacked by evil strangers, and Trudee had disappeared. Erica had tried to hitch a ride to the Gold Coast on a tourist bus, but her killers tracked her down. Through a cunning cigarette lighter trick, she escaped to the Gold Coast, but then foolishly returned to Byron, where she encounters the killers once more. She manages to escape when Flikka makes a surprise appearance and reveals that the corpse in her apartment was actually his twin, before boning her senseless. She escapes with Flikka to Finland, but the killers are also on her trail, and track her down to a remote sauna

She escapes there, but begins to suspect that Flikka is not quite what he seems after a chance encounter with Renny Harlin. Her suspicions are doubled when he is kidnapped by the mysterious Anttilanien, and his dead body dumped in a sauna, and it turns out that Mikka is involved in the killing. A clue may be concealed on a CD-ROM found with Flikka.

Meanwhile, Rex has become suspicious about the activities of a Finnish cargo ship back in Sydney, but his curiosity leads him straight into the hands of the villains, and Ray Martin abandons him in an embarrassing dockside incident. NOW READ ON . . .