Chapter 40: Freeze Frame

Author: Steven Keaton
Date: 20th April 1998

Rex had watched Smilla's Feeling For Snow and thought he knew all there was about sneaking onto large freight ships such as the The Anthony Michael Hall. If only he was as determined, intelligent, resourceful and agile as Smilla's character, he probably would not have been caught by the two burly Finnish sailors as he had jumped onto the deck and landed with a loud bang. He also probably would have escaped from the dark cabin that he was currently in. He might also have had a chance of untying the heavy-duty rope that they had securely fastened him with.

Rex could hear very heavy footsteps approaching. The door opened and a harsh light was pointed directly into Rex's eyes, effectively blinding him.

"Hmmmmfffffmmmpppp," Rex mumbled through the sock that they had shoved carelessly down his throat.

"Shut up, goat-rooting rat semen." Rex's protests were met with a couple of hefty kicks to the kidneys. The water appearing in Rex's eyes was not from the foul odour emitting from the owner of the gruff voice.

"You Australian journalists are the worst scum that ever crawled out of the pond. Look at you. You dribbling mess, I spit on you in contempt."

A harsh, rumbling sound proceeded the large yellow lugie that landed on Rex's cheek, splattering everywhere.

"The boss wants to see you before you umm . . . errr . . . depart."

Rex's eyes widened and he started protesting in his loudest mumble, but it was to no avail. The man behind the light delivered a few more kidney loosening kicks before shutting the door, thus removing the only source of light.

Rex was terrified, hurt, insulted and very angry in the same instance. He was also starting to smell real bad as he had filled his pants moments before. He had to get out of this place. A scoop and a Gold Logie award were not worth this . . . torture!!

Rex was exhausted from trying to escape from his bonds when he heard three sets of loud footsteps coming towards his enclosure.

"Fuck me with an large bulldozer," thought Rex as the door opened once more. Rex could just make out three dark looming outlines before he was blinded again by the super bright light.

"Hello Rex, You don't know me, but I know you and your friend Erica quite well. I wonder what Erica will think when she hears that her senior journalist friend was found dead floating in Sydney Harbour?"