Chapter 31: I Want Your Sex

Author: Alex Keaton
Date: 17th December 1997

Erica gawped at Flikka in open disbelief.

"Oh, puh-leeez!" she said. "You seriously expect me to believe that you had a twin brother who somehow never got mentioned during the entire year I spent with your family in Lappeenranta? How bloody stupid do you think I am?"

"I do not think you are stupid at all, Erica," Flikka replied. "In fact, I think you are very attractive." He reached his hand out and gently caressed her cheek.

Erica felt throbbing waves of passion pulse through her entire body. She'd always wanted to jump Flikka's bones, ever since she'd first caught a glimpse of his pale Nordic nudity emerging from the communal shower and sauna at the Laakksonen family home. Now, despite the ludicrousness of the situation, there was a wild ecstasy surging through her.

Casting caution to the wind, she pulled the car off the road and stopped. Flikka was silent. Without warning, she wrapped her arms around his neck and plunged her tongue down his throat. After an initial gasp of surprise, he responded with hunger and vigour, his hands thoroughly exploring her eager body.

Erica hadn't done it in a car since those early and sordid encounters with Bubba, but she knew that now wasn't the time to be picky. She tore Flikka's T-shirt from his body, noting with approval that he had added some muscles to his skinny Scandinavian form. With his spare hand, he lowered the seat back as far as it would go, while his tongue continued to probe her every orifice and crevice.

Although Erica was surfing a crest of pleasure that she was hoping was going to end in a tidal wave of an orgasm, she couldn't help reflecting that she'd turned into a bit of a slut lately. She'd barely broken up with Brett when she'd done it with that sicko sleazebag, Rex, and if she was honest with herself she had to admit that she'd been kind of tempted by the thought of a little lesbian lust with Mikka. Now here she was about to get rogered by the girl's brother.

Then Flikka pulled his jeans down and Erica was lost in the pleasures of the flesh.