Chapter 30: Riders On The Storm

Author: Steven Keaton
Date: 9th December 1997

Erica drove like a crack addict with bad vision, swerving around corners and doing her best to lose the MX-5 which was tailing them.

"They are falling back now," Flikka mumbled and slouched down in the seat.

Erica had her foot planted firmly on the floor and the MX-5, although quite a sporty looking car, could not keep up with the big Mercedes and became a smaller and smaller blob of red in the rear-view mirror.

"Flikka, I can't even begin to think what story you have that will explain all of this." Erica said flatly.

"I have missed you Erica," Flikka said with genuine warmth in his voice. He leaned forward and performed the one hand neck massage that she liked so much.

Erica, still reeling from the shock of the latest twist in her mangled life managed to mumble "I missed you too."

"I suppose you are wondering who the body was that was decorating your inflatable sofa?"

"The thought of it had crossed my mind." Erica said with only a touch of sarcasm.

"Remember when you came to stay with us and we where having dinner at that really horrible Tex-Mex chain in Saariselkä and Mikka was really drunk on Death Vodka?"

"Yes." Erica also remembered feeling left out of the conversation.

"And she started making jokes about seeing two of me and laughing hysterically?"

"What the fuck does this have to do with a smelly stiff in my lounge room Flikka?" Erica's frustration was only barely being held in check. Now that the had completely outrun their pursuers, Erica turned off the main road they had been travelling on and headed down a smaller minor road that headed into the hills.

"Where are we going?" Flikka asked innocently

"I don't know Flik, I just need time to think so I thought we would drive around the beautiful countryside for a while, OK?" Erica was almost shouting by now.

"Fine, just relax and I will Finnish . . . get it? Get it? Oh never mind . . . "

Erica groaned at Flikka's bad sense of humour and then smiled at a glimmer of happy times in the past.

"Anyway, the reason that Mikka was cracking up about seeing a double of me is that I have -- excuse me, had -- a twin brother."