Chapter 29: Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Author: Jennifer Keaton
Date: 18th November 1997

At that moment, Erica was wishing she somewhere very far away from Byron Bay. As far away as possible. Perhaps Finland, for instance.

Well, anywhere but Byron Bay, which Erica felt really sucked on the whole. Especially when she was surrounded by a bunch of evil and evil-smelling people who were saying things like "I think you know why we are here", when in fact she didn't have the slightest clue.

All she knew is that she was glad Patrick was dead because the way she was feeling now, she would have happily have done him in herself. Slowly and painfully.

Well if she didn't know what was going on, she felt she may as well hang around and see what happened.

"The fuck you say," shrieked Erica. She had only just realised how angry she was at all this. Because of this problem, her life was so unpleasant that she'd probably been sacked from Price Attack.

"I've had a goddamn gutful of this shit. I've been chased up and down the coast by crazed gunman and practically everyone I know has been killed or kidnapped and I don't even know what it's all been in fucking aid of, except that it has something to do with Patrick's stupid puerile book and the Slaöøüväääd, which is the most fucking stupid name for an organised crime ring I've ever heard."

Anttilanien twitched slightly, but whether it was because he didn't believe her or he was hurt that Erica had dissed the name of the Finnish mafia was uncertain, as one of the black Mercedes chose that moment to explode in a ball of flames.

Erica didn't care enough to find out about Anttilanien's feelings, nor did she care too much about the exploding black Mercedes, because what she did care about was not being in this situation any more.

Noticing that everyone had turned to look at the blast, she kicked one of the blonde bimbos and jumped into the other Mercedes, turned the ignition key and gunned the accelerator for all it was worth, praying that it didn't suffer from the same design flaw as the other car, or at least no-one was trying blow it up as well.

Glancing in the mirror, she saw the others clambering to get into the MX-5, which wasn't really built to seat more the two people comfortably.

"There's a side street up ahead, take it" said a voice in the back seat.

"Flikka," Erica gasped. "You'd better have a fucking good explanation for this shit!"