Chapter 9: Everybody Wants To Rule The Ratings

Author: Jennifer Keaton
Date: 8th August 1997

Rex Carter stretched, his tanned toned body stretching out in his sumptuous cow print office chair. He'd bought the chair from MoDeRn LivinG Now on Glebe Point Road, as well as a chrome desk with red formica top, part of a faux 50s kitsch range with exorbitant price tag that indicated how cool it was.

But it wasn't the chair or the $1500 it had cost him that was occupying his thoughts as he sat at his Woollahra apartment, which was actually a converted abattoir. Rex was feeling pretty good about himself, in fact he felt elated.

For years he had suffered the pity and the sneers of his co-workers. He had listened to their mocking voices as they congratulated him when the ratings came in and his show, News at 4am for Insomniacs had rated 0.8, behind even Body by Jake. It had burned him to watch as others broke the big stories -- the collapse of Gosford RSL on chook raffle night, or an interview with serial killer Stark Raving Hackensack, while the best he had done was the capture of the Waverton Garden Gnomenapper.

But none of that mattered now. This was the story of a lifetime, he could almost taste the Logie Award now and visualise the rampant sex he would have with Tottie Goldsmith afterwards. Kidnapping, hostages -- it would make his career. Even better, thought Carter, was that spunk Sheen was involved, and if he was any sort of man, he would fuck her again.

In fact, Carter was so pleased with himself, that his hand unconsciously slid down and cupped his manhood through his Armani pants. Just then, the door bell rang, rudely interrupting his reverie.

"My God," said Rex as Erica filled him in on her adventures. This was better than he thought. The Finland Mafia!! Tottie Goldsmith was aiming too low, this scoop would get him Kylie Minogue at least.

Erica was sitting in his silver PVC bean bag. Despite her ordeal and the fact that she hadn't changed clothes for at least a day, she looked fantastic in her black capri pants, black strappy shoes and collared Morrissey-Edminston shirt, which showed just a hint of cleavage.

Carter thought very hard about the fountain in Hyde Park.

"Err it's not safe for you to go home," said Rex. "You should stay here. If you want to have a shower and something to eat, then we can get to work. I don't have to be in until 3 o'clock."

Erica sighed, suddenly she was very, very tired.