Spanky is Cranky

Well known identity and advice giver about town, Spanky the Naughty Little Monkey, has distanced herself from comments made by her associate in Gusworld's popular Rant Of The Day feature.

Describing the rant, discussing why pizza is better than women, as "backwards-looking senseless drivel", Spanky has refused to stay quiet on the matter even though this may jeopardise her career counselling the troubled folk of the world and drinking.

"Frankly I'm amazed. I would expect this sort of bollocks from John Blackman, but to hear it coming from a fellow Ray Martin hater, it hurts, it cuts me to the bone," she wept.

"The fact that all the men involved seem to have to pay for the woman says it all really. Spanky could show them a thing or too that would put all thoughts of pizza out of their minds."

"Basically, this sort of sexism just proves my theory that all men are weak, pus-brained, stupid, dribbling buffoons whose idea of wit is the Footy Show, and their penises are all too small."

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