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On 02/03/99, Heike wrote:

Dear Gus, maybe you can help me. I'm looking for a midifile from the song "The way old friends do". Do you know, if there is one existing - and where i can find it - or where I can find at least the notes?

Gusworld replies: I've never managed to track down a MIDI file of an ABBA song -- but then I've never really tried. I can't offer much help apart from saying "use a search engine" and commending the original version to you. Sorry.

On 01/03/99, DrkDigler2 wrote:

die hard
Die Harder with a vengence. Die hard the international man of mystery

Gusworld replies: Good suggestions. It still amazes me that people see the Die Hard rant so regularly -- is it linked somewhere I don't know about?

On 28/02/99, Mike Vlack wrote:

Got your site from Sydney Morning Herald. I must say I don't quite know what to say about your site -but at last I have found someone who knows about MMM. They were my most favourite books -I still have my copies from child hood and a copy my mother owned. Well there's not much more I can say -it was nice to ready your site. When do you think they will be making Milly Molly Mandy the MOvie?? By the way you don't know of any sites relating to 'Little Black Sambo' by any chance?

Gusworld replies: No, I don't know of any 'Little Black Sambo' sites, and I don't intend to look. Thanks for the kind words. I doubt Milly-Molly-Mandy could sustain a whole movie, but it could make a neat kids' TV series (ten minute episodes, esteemed actress reading the voiceover, gentle, Beatrix-Potter style animation, that sort of thing).

On 28/02/99, mywin wrote:

Maybe you can add this link to your so called search for Tony Hadley.

Gusworld replies: People on the Net have no sense of history. OK, so there are now sites around for Tony Hadley that weren't there when I made my original remark. What am I supposed to be, some sort of fucking Web clairvoyant? If it ain't in a major search engine, I'm not gonna see it (and nor is anyone else, I might add).

On 27/02/99, Jim Kringas wrote:

I'm 66-yrs-old and your site suddenly brought to mind the joy my sister and I had in reading the M-M-M books over and over again until they became loose at the seams. Your comments on the stories are delightful. Many thanks for having us recall wonderful memories

Gusworld replies: Thanks. It seems Jim skipped Milly-Molly-Trollop, which may be a good thing (she could also be described as loose at the seams, of course).

On 25/02/99, Liz Lamb wrote:

That Dannii!
I was researching a school project and came across your site - my yr 12 english assessment is on the career -read rise and fall - of Danni, and I was unaware of her superhuman pursuits. What i was wondering was if she had these powers when she was part of the young talent time team. I mean did she ever save Joey Perrone's ass form some fanatical fan - or did she ever kick Courtney's ass -god she was an annoying cunt. What about johnny Young?? What was the g - o there?? I would like to know these things. Thankyou for showing me another side to dannii.

Gusworld replies: We promise to follow up Young Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue in a future episode. Odds-on she didn't do anything with Johnny Young except exchange hotpants tips, though. BTW, what kind of English course let's you write about Dannii for credit?

On 24/02/99, Fernando Mireto wrote:

hey there gus man...i was wondering if you'd like to put some of my tales about the beautiful danni minogue onto your website..i've got some good short stories about her getting it on with lots of different men..and women..and both at the same time..i just adore her and love to spend hours looking her up and down on the web..reply if you like

Gusworld replies: This is a sick, depraved idea. Send in the stories and we'll see what can be done with it.

On 16/09/98, Dita wrote:

Dannii. I thought this site was absolutely trash. I'm discgraced at the lack of fine pics. How are you? BYE.

Gusworld replies: Take a letter-writing course. There are hundreds of sites with pics of the tawdry younger Minogue; why would I want to be that repetitive?

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