What's the frequency, Gusworld?

July 8, 1999. Every time Gusworld goes for a week or two without an update, I get an irate/concerned letter from readers asking if I'm dead/too lazy to be bothered. Rest assured that it drives me nuts when I don't get to update the site at least two or three times a week; there's a lot going on in this overcrowded head of mine.

I've always used the generic excuse "too much work" in the past, and this remains true, but perhaps I ought to outline things in a little more detail. Because I work on a monthly magazine, there's normally a period of a couple of weeks when things are relatively quiet, since we're not actually sending film to the printers. At these times, Gusworld tends to flourish, since I work normal hours and have plenty of leisure time.

When we are sending film, life just gets mind-numbingly complicated, and I'm lucky to be able to do more than go to work and sleep, grabbing a hastily prepared bowl of couscous for occasional sustenance. At these times, Gusworld tends to languish.

Of course, in an ideal world, I'd maintain Gusworld full time and even as we speak I'd be preparing for a highly speculative IPO before the .com bubble bursts. But I don't see it happening somehow.

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