Single Of The Week 21/10/97

Single Of The Week is where I review a single I'm particularly enamoured of at the moment. It might be a brand spanking new release, or a classic from decades past that I just feel like going on about.

Satin Sheets
Sharon O'Neill
877 250-7

Most people who were following the Australian music scene in the early 1980s might remember Sharon O'Neill -- just. Having headed across from the Tasman at the start of the decade, she scored a handful of hits, including 1980's 'Words' and 'How Do You Talk To Boys?', followed by such classics as 'Maxine', 'Losing You', 'Danger' and 'Power'. Despite her considerable talents as a songwriter (which extended to composing several tracks from the ABC's classic series 'Sweet And Sour', as well as all her own work), however, she never really broke through to full mainstream recognition.

That in part was due to the heavily misogynist nature of the Australian music scene at the time, but it also wasn't helped by a long-running legal dispute with her first Australian record company, Sony. Following 1984's single 'Power' (surprisingly hard to trace on CD, although I eventually found it on a Collette/Sharon O'Neill compilation!), she disappeared for nearly four years before re-emerging with a new contract from Polygram. Success at the new label proved just as elusive, though.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of O'Neill's two-album career with Polygram was that both albums were preceded by decidedly raunchy singles. 1987's Danced In The Fire included 'Physical Favours', and 1990's Edge Of Winter featured this week's single choice, 'Satin Sheets', a catchy little number in which Sharon begs for a good sound rogering, basically.

The song wasn't a hit, and I have no idea what Sharon has done since, apart from guesting on a couple of Dragon records (the band's keyboardist Alan Mansfield is her beau and occasional cowriter) and playing keyboards for, oops, Jimmy Barnes. But the song itself holds up surprisingly well, and I'd be playing it now if I was anywhere near a record player.

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