Single Of The Week 30/01/97

Single Of The Week is where I review a single I'm particularly enamoured of at the moment. It might be a brand spanking new release, or a classic from decades past that I just feel like going on about.

Marcella Detroit

This is an oddity. Marcella Detroit, as you of course know, is a longstanding veteran of the music industry who rose to international prominence as half the creative team for the second incarnation of Shakespears Sister, the band/solo project begun by Siobahn Fahey following her exit from Bananarama. After the success of the band's second album, Hormonally Yours, Siobahn and Marcella went their separate ways, the latter to pick up on a solo career with the benefit of international recognition.

Staying with ver Sister's recording label, Marcella produced one excellent album, 1994's Jewel, featuring one excellent hit single, Jewel, and a couple of good-nonetheless flops. Fast forward to 1996, and Marcella has left London, formed her own label (AAA), and released the single 'I Hate You Now', a gritty pop number with bite. The single caused a mild murmur in the UK, but didn't match the chart success of Marcella's previous work. A second single, 'Somebody's Mother', was scheduled for a August release last year, and an album, Feeler, was set to follow.

Neither has appeared yet. Instead, in November in the UK and January here, we have the new single, 'Boy'. It's a great track -- half grunge, half pop, with a weird reincarnation theme lyric -- but it's not exactly new; it was the B-side to 'I Hate You Now' way back when, and it's reappeared with nary a hint of a remix. No chart verdict on it as yet.

What the single does give us rabid Marcella fans is a chance to hear two other tracks from the album, 'Without Medication' and 'Sunday'. This is more than enough to keep me pleased for now, although I can't help wondering why one of the four numbers Marcella wrote and recorded for the Absolutely Fabulous final ep, 'The Last Shout', didn't make an appearance on here. They're great tracks and, let's face it, the cross-promotion couldn't hurt.

Should you be curious about 'Boy', you can download a sample from the track at Marcella's excellent Web site, It's also a useful place to hear other album tracks (including the mysteriously-canned 'Somebody's Mother'), and get the goss on when the album will finally be out.

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