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Dionne fails to walk on by airport security

13/05/2002: The initial reaction to the news that 60's songstrel Dionne Warwick had been arrested for marijuana possession at Miami Airport is a fairly predictable one. I'm sure that most people, me included, immediately thought "Oh well, she is Whitney Houston's cousin". Whitney's own fondness for a toke became well-remarked after her run-in with Hawaiin airport authorities a couple of years back. (This doesn't explain why Dionne hid her joints in a lipstick container, but you can't have everything.)

On reflection, of course, this is an extremely stupid point of view. Dionne first rose to fame in the 60s; why should we need any special excuse to explain her grabbing the grass? After all, we'd be kind of shocked if Paul McCartney (or Fran Healy) didn't roam the globe with a little marijuana in tow. Just because Dionne worked in a more conventional musical vein, why whould she have given up all those free and easy lifestyle options?

What I can't understand is how smoking on a regular (or even irregular) basis wouldn't wreck her voice. Put me in a room with any sort of smoke and the voice disappears rapidly. Maybe that's why I'm not a world-famous singer. But maybe it's because, unlike Ms Warwick and Ms Houston, I don't resemble a whippet from certain angles.

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