Share A Secret Reviewed

Share A Secret Reviewed looks at the weekly Share A Secret column in Australia's biggest-selling magazine, Woman's Day. We at Gusworld love it, and we hope you will too. We don't give away the plot (that would be unfair and a possible breach of copyright); we just tell you what the headline is and describe the stunning artwork that goes with it.

Woman's Day dated January 6th, 1997


His sister would do anything to get rid of his tacky fiancee

And Gusworld would do just about anything to restore Share A Secret to its pre-contracted headline glory, when opening the issue every week held the faint promise of a headline reading 'MY HUSBAND HAD SEX WITH A CROSS-DRESSING ALIEN'. Now we're stuck with the lameness that is 'SHE HAD TO GO', a phrase more befitting a tuneless country singer than the best-selling confessions of Australia's shameless (yet anonymous) millions.

Any of the following headlines would have been an improvement:

And frankly, she would have fitted in the family quite nicely. She's wearing a red miniskirt and a red ribbon in her hair, while Sis has a red checked shirt. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

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