Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 12/08/99

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Gusworld and a gigantic black dog

Normally, I studiously avoid putting photos of myself on Gusworld. There are several obvious reasons for this:

I've made an exception to these rules (while entirely proving their validity) because I wanted an excuse to rave on about Merlot, the dog my good friends in Melbourne, Arthur and Bron, recently bought. I've always been keen on dogs, but living in a small apartment and working ridiculous hours doesn't really make it practical to have one. So Merlot, a two-year old rottweiler/German Shepherd cross, is as close as I'm going to get for a while, and will probably result in my making an even larger number of trips to Melbourne than normal.

As you can probably tell from his breed, Merlot is an extremely large dog; he can put his paws on my shoulders, and I'm not exactly short. He's also extremely good-natured, filled with manic energy, and fussy about which brands of dry dog food he can eat.

Naturally, a dog this size needs frequent exercise, and on my recent trips to Melbourne he's succeeded in entirely exhausting me by going for long walks (the word 'walk' is purely nominal, a highly paced jog is closer to the truth).

Anyway, Merlot is likely to make the occasional appearance on these pages from now on.. Although he's unlikely to cut his own limited edition CD.

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