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Running with Lola

It's been so long since I updated Gusworld, I hardly know where to begin. Cinema is probably as good a place as any, so I'll begin by saying how keen I am on Run Lola Run, the German film which has been achieving a surprising degree of success in its subtitled run (it even made the Australian movie top 10).

Like everyone else on the planet, I've enjoyed the movie's frenetic pace, its inventive soundtrack and the solid performances put in by the two leads (although I'm still a bit peeved by how they insist on subtitling perfectly straightforward utterances like "Papa"). If I had to pick a single favourite moment, it would be the contrast provided by the male/female dialogues filmed in bed which provide the dividers between each of the film's three alternate storylines (as featured below). These are such perfect encapsulations of typical attitudes to relationships, they had me almost weeping with laughter. (To be fair, not everyone in the cinema seemed so enamoured.)

However, there's one lurking fear in my head. Run Lola Run has done well for an arthouse flick, but the mere fact that it has subtitles has probably cut out most of the potential audience, especially in the US. What are the odds that even now some idiot US distributor has picked up the remake rights? How soon before we see Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Hanks in an entirely unpleasant remake, with a score by hardcore rappers or (even worse) Celine Dion? I can only hope that my imagination is (again) running away with me.

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