Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 22/06/99

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Retouching the royal wedding

No, I didn't stay up all night and watch the royal wedding. It was on at 1:30am, and I was fast, fast asleep. Nor did I watch the repeat the next day. But as a regular reader of trash magazines, I did get exposed to far too much coverage of it in this week's batch.

It was while I was flipping through the hastily-assembled last-minute supplements that I came across the photographic anomaly featured above. Both Woman's Day and New Idea chose to use the same portrait of Sophie. However, while ver Idea chose to use a freckles-and-all version of the shot, Woman's Day retouched it extensively, to the point where it looked like either an alien or Princess Di (not entirely dissimilar looks in any case).

I've always known that retouching of covers was common -- indeed, I've seen the equipment that's used to do it -- but never have I seen such an obvious case. Of course, anyone expecting complete accuracy from either mag would clearly be asking for trouble, but it's still a useful reminder.

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