Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 11/05/99

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High as a kite, or at least shaped like one

Quite a while ago now on Gusworld, I wrote a brief and not especially perceptive piece piece on how the 3" CD single had only ever enjoyed a brief life in Australia. One result of my recent UK holiday (I warned you that this would be coming up a lot) was that I managed to substantially expand my collection of these little beasts, largely as a result of tracking down some 1990 singles by the spectacularly great Kirsty MacColl. (Wow, there are three internal hyperlinks in that last paragraph, I'm being even more than usually self-indulgent.)

Of course, my major motivation in doing this was to get hold of all the non-album B-sides in CD format. One of the nice surprises, though, was picking up a limited release of 'Days' (the Kinks number), which proved that CD singles didn't always have to appear in a standard sized case. 'Days' came in a kite-shaped package (yep, it's the one pictured to the left), with a specially created area for the 3"CD inside.

One of the things I loved about buying vinyl in the early 1980s was special packaging, be it an attractive picture disc emblazoned with the face of Cyndi Lauper or a single in the shape of George Michael. So I was thrilled to finally get a copy of this disc. Why doesn't anyone do this sort of thing with 5" CD singles? (Yes, I know it would cost a lot, but Savage Garden aren't exactly poor, are they?)

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