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Uncensored Duran bollocks

Although Duran Duran were ditched in unseemly fashion by their US label Capitol last year, the record company continues to try and extract its pound of flesh. Capitol recently issued a CD single containing half-a-dozen remixes of the classic 'Girls On Film' to help promote the band's Greatest hits compilation. Now, I generally find remix CDs about as appealing as a sweet chilli sauce enema, but I suppose anything to increase Duran visibility can't be a bad thing.

What really gets on my goat, however, is the claims made in some of the associated online promotional material. To spruik the set, Capitol is offering RealVideo copies of five of the bands lesser-known tracks, allowing you to enjoy blurry images such as the one of Simon Le Bon pictured here. This is how they're promoted:

In conjunction with the release of Greatest, feast your eyes on this: five uncensored Duran Duran videos you've probably never seen (except maybe on late-night TV...). Check out the original, uncut versions of "Girls on Film," "The Chauffeur," "Come Undone," and "Electric Barbarella." And don't miss "Burning the Ground," a rare mix of classic Duran Duran tunes. Until you've seen these videos, you haven't seen it all.

What a load of rubbish, as they say. Spanky the Naughty Little Monkey, a Duran acolyte of no mean standing, has spent the better part of her life trying to track down an official copy of the censored version of 'Girls On Film'. It seems that Duran can't issue any sort of video without proclaiming "Hey! What this really needs is nine minutes of footage of topless chicks wrestling in mud!" ('Uncensored' is basically CapitolDuranSpeak for "TITS!", if you weren't aware.)

As for the other four tracks, any Duran fan of any standing will have seen these videos more or less the second they were originally released (granted, in the case of 'Electric Barbarella' this may have taken a little more effort than usual, since Duran were about as popular as botulism when it hit the stands). They wanna show us real rarities? How about 'Perfect Day', or a CD which contains the single remix of 'My Own Way'?

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