Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 10/03/99

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Why do poor people always smell like milk?

Here's a scary statistic: apparently, $45 million worth of South Park merchandise was sold in Australia in 1998. That's one hell of a lot of 'I'm Gonna Make Love To You Woman' T-shirts, methinks. Despite being (a) very keen on South Park and (b) a sucker for any kind of merchandising program, I've actually been remarkably restrained in buying South Park stuff. The main reason is that most of it has a major-league markup attached; paying $8 for a shot glass is just a little bit over the odds.

The one area where I have indulged is with the actual episodes themselves on video, and even these are a bit of a take. Each tape contains just two episodes, which is not a whole lot even if you include the bonus footage of Matt and Trey. And they're priced, naturally, at $29.95, which is much more than you'll pay for most other episodic comedies. (Friends, for instance, gives you four episodes per tape and only charges $19.95, a much better deal.)

I imagine I'm not the only fan complaining, because the final tape in Series 1, due out in Australia on March 22nd, is priced at just $9.95. However, there's a catch: it's only got one episode on it, the rather wonderful 'Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut'. This means it isn't actually any cheaper on a per-episode basis, but at a sub-$10 price point, I imagine it's gonna roll out the door -- and naturally, I'll be queueing up to get it.

However, when Series 2 starts appearing on April 12, I imagine that the full-price plan will be in effect once again. Still, it could be worse: the US tapes come in those crappy cardboard covers, and at least we get a proper slipcase.

Incidentally, my apols for the dodgy black and white pic, it was all I could lay my hands on at the time. And thanks as ever to Spanky for providing me with the latest South Park info.

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