Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 08/03/99

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The catalogue I had to have

Last year, in an idle moment while sitting on a train on the way to work, I filled in a coupon for a catalogue from Myer Direct. I didn't do this for any more complicated reason than that it was free, and I thought it might be a mildly amusing way of passing five minutes. The catalogue came, I admired its tasteful selection of separates, and then I ignored it. It was followed in due course by a second catalogue, and then a third.

The third bore the following reminder, prominently displayed on the front cover:

PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE YOUR LAST CATALOGUE. We haven't received an order from you yet and regrettably we cannot afford to continue sending catalogues unless you place an order. We hope you will understand.

Oh goody, I said to myself, now the trees can stop dying. However, the claim by Myer Direct that this would be my last catalogue turned out to be a barefaced lie. Since that time, I've had two more. Each has had the same pleading missive printed on the cover, which leads me to suspect at the very least that the company is rather desperate for customers.

For your reference, the current catalogue includes 35 pages of women's clothes and 8 of men's garments. No wonder I'm not buying anything.

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