Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 03/03/99

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Psycho Kidman hunters

As readers of Gusworld's Mailbox section can already attest, I'm used to getting strange, threatening and just plain dumb email. My real mail, though, tends to be strictly of the "catalogues" variety. So I was a little disturbed to receive this handwritten note in the post:

Mentally ill people have the brain makeup of an animal. Professor Jae will varify this. So you see you can't frame people with your illness.

The letter was in a recycled RSL lottery envelope and, although it had my address on it, appears to have been hand delivered.

This in itself seems bizarre enough. What sends it into the realm of the downright freaky is that my brother Alex also received an identical letter this week, as he recounts on his Web site.

I suspect that the wrong sort of celebrity malice may be involved here. Both my brother and I share an initial with Nicole Kidman's father, a noted psychiatrist. The reference to mental illness may mean that the person in question is taking a scattergun approach by contacting every 'A Kidman' in the phone book. I've received calls for Nicole's Dad, Nicole, her sister Antonia and her brother-in-law (also disturbingly called Angus) before, so it's not a new development (and no, we're not related, it's just not a very common name).

However, in that case, why they're hand-delivering this missive is more of a question. If someone finds me mysteriously shot by a loon, you'll know where to look.

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