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90210: The missing years

Whenever people mention Beverly Hills, 90210 these days, it tends to be with a kind of "Is that still on?" air. It may be worth mentioning to these cynics that the show has just received renewal for another year in the US, even though it is now completely Walsh-free, and that it has outlasted Melrose Place, which originally spun off from the series and has generally enjoyed considerably more publicity. Hypervixen Heather Locklear is even rumoured to be making the jump across to 90210 in the near future, joining Place colleague Laura Leighton.

It is fair to observe, though, that 90210 is no longer the teen phenomenon it was back in 1992, when the topic of today's rant, Beverly Hills, 90210 - Fantasies was published. While most of the novelisations published from the show lifted their plot directly from the script, Fantasies was a rare and dangerous excursion into soothsaying, as the gang (there were eight of them back then) predict their futures while at a beach party. Or, as the cover puts it:

The Walsh twins and their hip friends bare all to each other and the answers they give are both funny and surprising, yet somehow so right. Fantasies tells the hilarious and often touching dreams of the entire gang from the coolest zip code around.

Indeed. What's particularly interesting is comparing the visions of the future which the gang give in this book and what actually happened to them in the years ahead. While there's a few obvious howlers, some details do line up quite nicely:

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