Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 19/02/99

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Inside the world of Dan Savage

Like many of the good things in life, I first became aware of Dan Savage, America's self-billed 'Most Popular Sex Columnist', through The Onion (or, to be even more precise, its AV Club entertainment guide). It was quite some time before I realised that Savage's advice column, 'Savage Love', was actually syndicated in about a dozen papers across the States, since his hilarious and often (ahem) savage responses to frequently explicit enquiries seemed so in keeping with the paper's general air.

Syndicated they are, though, and now the best of Savage's columns have been collected in a book, also entitled Savage Love. Given the choice, Savage would undoubtedly have called it Hey, Faggot, since the introduction reveals that this salutation (which is found at the head of every letter) was his original choice for the name of the column. The book is divided into themed chapters, for convenience and so Savage's mother can skip the bits that really offend her.

I strongly recommend that you go out and buy this title (although all my Australian readers are just going to have to get it imported or wait a few months for an delivery or something). In the meantime, I can offer you a few choice and entirely random quotes:

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