Rant Of The Day THIS RANT 15/02/99

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How not to make butterscotch pudding

I've never claimed to be much of a cook. Many of my more elaborate meals involve toast, and anything that ends up on my stovetop probably involves tomatoes. However, I thought that even I would be unablt to stuff up something as simple as an instant pudding. It just goes to show, you're never too old to be stupid.

The whole unpleasant incident started when Spanky and I decided, in the middle of an extensive Gusworld updating session (the results of which you'll see in the next few days), that a self-saucing butterscotch pudding would be nice. This seemed like a great plan, until we made the fatal error: I assigned myself the task of making the pudding.

After a cursory glance at the instructions, I piled the packets of stuff into a mixing bowl, and added an egg and some water. It was as I was mixing the rather yellow, sticky substance together that I realised that I wasn't supposed to add the sauce mix until after I'd poured the pudding mix into the bowl. Ooops.

Of course, by then it was impossible to separate the two, so we had to venture forth, in the spirit of experimental cooking and a desperate urge for butterscotch. I added the hot water which was supposed to go on top of the sauce mix into the bowl, mixed it all into a syrup, threw it all in the oven and hoped for the best. The best did not happen.

The end result (a portion of which has been scanned for your viewing pleasure) was like a cross between a blancmange and a cake: not solid enough to eat with your fingers, not liquid enough to drink with a spoon, and with a texture not entirely unlike that of Perkins Paste. The moral of the story? Read the instructions, and don't let me in the kitchen.

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